Clemm – Bird Hands (cab007) CD




Bird Hands (cab007, cd)
cd, 14 tracks

1. Counterparts
2. We Keep Our Balance
3. Decode
4. Steel Couch
5. Protection
6. Crushed
7. Horizon
8. Word Chaser
9. Ready
10. Countdown
11. What Boys Fear
12. The Sewers
13. Flame
14. Recover, Uncover, Discover

All words & music by Willem Janssen.

Horn arrangements by Simon Kelaita.
Produced & mixed by Peter Akkerman & Willem Janssen.
Recorded by Peter Akkerman & Willem Janssen at IJland Studio & Amsterdam Recording Company.
Mastered by Darius van Helfteren at Amsterdam Mastering.

Lead vocals by John Carrie. Backing vocals by Carelain Bergtop.
Flute, baritone and tenor saxophone by Simon Kelaita.
Alto and tenor saxophone by Jon Bittman. Trumpet by Milan Mes.
Electric guitar by Tom van Nuenen.
Acoustic guitar (and electric guitar on Recover, Uncover, Discover) by Mattijs van den Boom.
Live drums by Bow Evers.
Programming, bass, vocals and all other instruments by Willem Janssen.
Artwork by Hypnoteis.
All songs (c) & (p) 2013 Clemm.
All rights reserved 2013.


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