Clemm – Far From Arcadia (cab005)




Far From Arcadia (cab005, cd)
cd, 11 tracks

1. Zoom in
2. Abstraction
3. Cars
4. Mix it up
5. Clay puppets
6. Dressed in water
7. First impressions
8. Circumstance
9. Repetitive movements
10. Foot on the brakes
11. Streetlights

All words by Willem Janssen.

All songs written by Willem Janssen, except “Clay puppets”, “First impressions” and “Repetitive movements” by Janssen/Van Nuenen.

Mixed and mastered by Martijn Groeneveld & Clemm at the Mailmen Studio.

Live drums recorded at the Mailmen studio.

All other instruments recorded in various livingrooms and bedrooms. Vocals recorded by Willem at his home in Amsterdam.

“Zoom in” contains a fragment from the poem “Mundo grande” by Carlos Drummond de Andrade which is read by Carla Pontes.

Guitars and backing vocals by Tom van Nuenen. Live drums by Maarten Diesfeldt. Trumpet by Milan Mes. Backing vocals on “Dressed in Water” and “First Impressions” by Carla Pontes. Cavaquinho and vocal percussion on “Abstraction” by Beto Guerra. Pandeiro on “Abstraction” by Pedro Risnei da Silva. Programming, lead vocals and all other instruments by Willem Janssen.

artwork by hypnoteis
All songs © (p) 2009 Clemm.
All rights reserved 2009


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