YouEcho vs Zhuoling – My Dearest Sea 我最亲爱的海 (cab008) CD



My Dearest Sea 我最亲爱的海 (cab008, cd)
YouEcho vs Zhuoling
cd, 11 tracks

 1. Good To Hear From You 见信好
 2. Light And Shadow 光影
 3. A Woman Saw A Thousand Faces 看见一千张脸的女人
 4. Shower Of Rain 阵雨
 5. The Most Calm Illusion 最平静的幻想
 6. Night Wandering Ghosts 夜魔游
 7. Wait Until The Wave 等待波浪
 8. Those In My Dreams 我梦中的
 9. Vanuatu 瓦努阿图
10. Down By The Lake 湖边
 11. Where The Distance Remains 距离的所在


Composed by 编曲 You Echo vs Zhuoling
Producer 制作人 You Echo vs Zhuoling
Recorded by 录音 You Echo vs Zhuoling
Mixing Engineer 混音师 Yu Zhiyong 虞志勇 | You Echo vs Zhuoling
Mastering Engineer 母带工程师 Yu Zhiyong 虞志勇
Studio 录音棚 Yessound 乐声音频 | Valley Music Plus 山谷音乐+

All instruments by 所有器乐演奏 You Echo vs Zhuoling
Vocals 主唱 Wu Zhuoling 吴卓玲
Trumpet 小号 Milan Mes
Double bass 弦贝斯 Willem Janssen
Orchestra on “The Most Calm Illusion”《最平静的幻想》中的管乐演奏 Royal ZFC

Artwork 封套绘画 fben
Design 封套设计 You Echo

Media promotion 媒体宣传 Li Dan Lei 李丹蕾‍ | Tao Song 陶颂
Distribution 发行 Jian Yi Yan 姜一燕

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